Q.Where is the new location of Dr Arshad Chohan’s ENT?
A. Dr Arshad Chohan’s ENT Clinic will shift to Rafay Mall first floor  from 21st February 2016. Rafay Mall is at walking distance towards Peshawar, from previous location in Nisar hospital.
Q. What new facilities are available in new clinic?

A. As you know our aim is to provide best facilities to our patients. This new clinic is established in a purpose built building with enhanced facilities. Clinic consists of six to seven rooms with wide waiting area and pharmacy. Audiology  and speech therapy centers will also be the part of clinic.  All the services which should be present in a modern ENT center will be available in this center. It will be a the state of the art ENT center in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad where a group of senior ENT consultants will be available for patients. Fascilies of  modern operation theater, ultrasound, X-Rays, Laboratory and indoor treatment are already available on the same floor. Patients will not have to move from one location to other for different sevices. For more information  please contact 03315680471

Q. How much is the consultation fee  at Dr Arshad Chohan’s ENT?
A. Consultation fee is Rs 1000.

Q. How much time will it take to visit Dr arshad Chohan’s ENT?

A. We care for your time. If you have got appointment we will try to entertain you on given time.   If there is delay of more than half an hour because of our fault you can claim for return of half of consultation fee. You are requested to come 5 minutes before the given time

Q. I am an old patient of Dr Arshad Chohan from Karachi, I cannot come to Rawalpindi at the moment. How can I get  advice?

A. You can contact Dr Arshad Chohan’s ENT through SMS or voice call on 03315680471 or Email  drchohaan@gmail.com. If you inform your name and ID, we will be able to advise you after seeing your medical record from my database.

Q. Is there facility of email consultations?
A. We will try our level best to reply to your email. But without physical examination proper diagnosis may not be possible.

Q. Is there facility of chat consultations?
A. Sorry. Not at this moment –

Q. I don’t have an appointment, can I still see Dr Arshad Chohan?
A. Yes. But certainly patients with appointment will be seen on appointment time. You will be given time if any patient does not report at time or after the appointments.

Q. What should I bring with me for consultation?

A. Your entire medical record on first visit, your medical record will be entered in our database and in future you don’t need to bring anything but only fresh investigation reports if any.

Q. What will be the cost of surgery?

A. Approximate cost of different surgical procedures is given below

Operation Charges (Include Surgeon fee, Anaesthatist fee, Operation theatre charges, Room charges)

Note: Medicine charges are not included.

Adenoidectomy                                              38000

Tonsillectomy                                                  48000

Myringotomy                                                   28000

Septoplasty/ SMR                                           48000

Rhinoplasty                                                      78000

Septorhinolplasty                                           85000

Tympanoplasty                                               58000

Thyroid surgery                                               78000

FESS                                                                   58000

Extensive Endoscopic Sinus Surgery           75000

Direct Laryngoscopy                                      42000

Oesophagoscopy                                            42000

Mastoidectomy                                              78000

Parotidectomy                                                78000

Submandibular gland excision                      58000

Laryngectomy                                                 145000

Radical Neck dissection                                145000


Minor Procedures

Impacted Wax Removal                                1000

Foreign body Nose Removal                        3000

Foreign body Ear Removal                            3000

Cautry                                                               7000

Sinus washout/PP                                           12000

Biopsy                                                               5000

Q. What kind of facilities do you have?
A. we are developing a modern ENT center with all the modern facilities which should be there in a state of the art ENT center.

Q. How Can I help the poor and needy?

If you are interested to help the poor and needy by donating medicines, used hearing aids, electrolarynx,  instruments or funds, please contact us on drchohansent@gmail.com   We will arrange your contact with needy patients so that you can help them directly

Q. Where can I find Dr Brig (r) Arshad Chohan?.  

A. Dr Professor Brigadier Arshad Chohan is available at: 

*   Dr Chohan’s ENT, 1st floor Rafay  Mall (Near Chaur Chowk), Peshawar Road Rawalpindi.    03315680471 , 0314511853


Dr Chohan’s ENT, Rafay Mall (1st floor), Peshawar Road Rawalpindi.    03315680471 , 03145118532, 

Email: drchohansent@gmail.com

Website: www.entspecialists.pk

Consultant timings:

  1. Professor Brig Dr Arshad Chohan MCPS, FICS, FCPS       2 – 6 pm daily except Sunday

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