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Admission, surgery and discharge on the same day is reward of advances in surgical techniques and anaesthesia. Patient stay is usually 4–6 h. Advantages are excellent patient satisfaction, less chances of hospital infections, economy and less inconvenience to patient & family.

Vertigo & Tinnitus Clinic

Facilities for diagnosis of vertigo and tinnitus are available. Diseases like BPPV, Menier's disease and acustic neuroma are treated on modern lines.

Sleep disorders Clinic

Incidence of Sleep Apnoea is on rise. Diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnoea is done conservatively and surgically.

Hearing, Speech & voice disorders Clinic

Abnormalities of speech, delayed speech learning should be detected earlier for better results of treatment. Investigation to detect hearing loss are done speech therapy is also available

Post Nasal Drip (Kaira)

Postnasal discharge  or postnasal drip ( kaira ) is a common symptom....

17th Jun

How To Treat Ear Wax?

The ear has  a self-cleaning mechanism. Wax is protective for ear, catching particles...

17th Jun


Headache is the most comon symptom. Every one has suffered from headache...

16th Jun


BAD BREATH or HALITOSIS Bad breath, refers to unpleasant odours exhaled in breathing....

16th Jun


Vertigo, Dizziness, Imbalance Vertigo or sense of imbalance is very common in...

30th May

Mouth breathing Child

Mouth breathing in children is a common problem. Most common cause is blockage of...

30th May


There are many causes of dry mouth.Few importat causes are listed here....

30th May