Tonsils are mass of tissue on both sides of the throat that help fight infections. Tonsils may enlarge when they become infected (tonsillitis). the tonsils may be red and swollen or have a white or yellow spots or coating on them. Other symptoms of tonsillitis can include

• sore throat
• pain on swallowing
• fever
• swollen glands in the neck
Enlarged tonsils without any symptoms are common among kids. No treatment is required if no symptoms. Don’t rely on your own guesses, it can be hard to judge whether tonsils are infected. If you suspect tonsillitis, contact your doctor. Recurrent sore throats and infections should also be evaluated by the doctor.


Doctors might recommend surgical removal of the tonsils, called a tonsillectomy, for a patient who has
• persistent or recurrent tonsillitis
• swollen tonsils that make it hard to breathe, particularly during sleep
• sleep difficulty that might be affecting the child’s daily activities

Your child will receive general anaesthesia. The operation will take about 30 minutes. The surgery is done through your patient’s open mouth — without any incisions (cuts) through skin. Your patient will wake up in the recovery area. Expect to spend several hours or perhaps overnight at the hospital. Many patients go home on the same day, though some may require observation overnight.
Rarely, patients may show signs of bleeding after surgery, which would require a return to the operating room. Expect some pain and discomfort for about one week.