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Vertigo, Dizziness, Imbalance
Vertigo or sense of imbalance is very common in our population.  The inner ear and brain dysfunction can cause vertigo. Vertigo also called giddiness or dizziness is the feeling that you or your environment is moving or spinning. Very methodical approach is required to reach the diagnosis.

Common causes of vertigo

There are many causes of vertigo, but here are some common causes:


This is the commonest but the least diagnosed cause of vertigo, and it is readily treatable with a re-positioning treatment (Epley’s Maneuver) in the clinic. If you experience brief attacks of dizziness, every time you lie down in bed, roll over, look up, or bend forward, you might have this condition. Medicines have no significant role in this condition
Menier’s Disease
This condition causes repeated attacks of dizziness (often with vomiting), which typically last more than half hour. The attacks are associated with auditory symptoms, such as fullness in one ear (like having water in the ear), ringing, and hearing loss in the same ear.
This is  an infection of the inner ear, or an interruption of blood supply to the inner ear. It is characterised by severe dizziness and vomiting for 2-5 days, followed by unsteadiness on your feet for several weeks or months after that.
Typically these patients are women aged 20-55, who have a history of migraine headaches in the past, and who experience attacks of dizziness and nausea without other brain or ear symptoms. The condition responds to treatment with migraine preventive medications.


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